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After 18 years of increasing government control over my practice, I have decided to work for my patients, rather than for the federal government.

Beginning October 1, 2013, I will no longer accept government payment for medical or surgical services provided to my Medicare patients.


Technically, I have "opted out" of the Medicare assigned payment program. As of October 1, 2013, I will no longer bill the Medicare program for services that I personally provide, and my patients will not be able to bill Medicare for reimbusement, either.

Each new and established Medicare patient whom I treat will need to sign a private contract with me, before I can see them as a patient  in my practice. This contract will make it legal in the eyes of the federal government for me to charge the amount that I deem appropriate, and that each individual Medicare patient agrees to pay. This is a major departure from allowing government bureaucrats to decide what my time, my expertise, my experience, and my patients' health are all worth to a failing, broken, third party payment system (Medicare). Now, my patients will pay for my services, just like they do at the mechanic, the grocery store, the dentist, and every other encounter where services or goods are provided in an open, free market economy.

My Medicare patients will no longer have to worry about a government bureaucrat intervening in their care. Likewise, I will no longer have to worry about the IRS descending on my practice, the threat of jail time for honest mistakes in filling out a myriad of government forms, sharing patient records on-line for all the world to hack, or the never ending increased regulations/requirements imposed upon me by the government that are a complete waste of time and money. I will no longer be looking over my shoulder, and worrying more about paperwork and rules than about what is best for my patients. 

As an "opted out" physician, I will continue to accept Medicare patient referrals from other physicians, make indicated Medicare patient referrals to other physicians, order laboratory studies, order radiologic studies, admit Medicare patients to the hospital, operate on Medicare patients, etc. Medicare part A and Medicare Part B will still cover all of these other costs for my patients. The only out of pocket expenses that my Medicare patients will incur will be what I charge them for my services.

Below, you will find a copy of my private Medicare patient contract, as well as copies of:

  •  The affadavit that I sent to Medicare to legally "opt out" 
  •  The letter that I sent to physicians in my community
  •  The letter that I am giving to my current Medicare patients

Medicare Affidavit

Physician Letter

Medicare Patient Letter

My cash prices for common services are located here: CASH PRICES. 



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