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By Dr. Vallery
October 01, 2013
Category: Medicare
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Today was my first day free from big government control of the relationship that I have with my Medicare patients.

This meant no extra time spent trying to chose a correct "diagnosis code", an "approved billing level", correct "modifiers" to accepted diagnosis codes, completely worthless required documentation of unrelated and unimportant information, no time worrying about an audit from "Big Brother", and more time in front of my patients.

One of my Medicare patients (I saw 9 Medicare patients during the course of the day) called yesterday and got an appointment to see me early this afternoon!

What a concept! Call your doctor and be welcomed for a visit less than 3 months from now!

What did he receive? A thorough, focused ear examination and problem history (he had an acute ear canal infection), initial office treatment of the problem under the microscope, detailed written instructions, almost 15 minutes of his ENT doctor's time, two prescriptions, a hug from the nurse, and VIP treatment from the front office staff.

What did it cost him? $90.00 cash.

Was it worth it?  Only he can decide, but there should be little doubt about who he will call if he has future ENT trouble and would like to be seen as soon as possible by a doctor whom he knows and trusts.

Samuel W. Vallery, MD

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